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Penis size pictures. Penis size is something that we all think about from time to time....and many men wonder what size penis is normal or average ? So - what IS normal? The answer seems to be - whatever you have is normal ! The penis is one of the most variable parts of the human body, and its many forms, sizes and shapes have always intrigued and fascinated us.

Many men are curious about the penis. And no wonder, since the penis is such an essential symbol of manhood and masculinity. As men we may wonder what other men have got, we may admire the sheer masculinity of the penis, or we may feel insecure about our size - but we are always thinking about our penises!

Small penis size

Soft - Less than 3.4 inches

The same penis soft and erect

contrib27flaccid.jpg (59106 bytes) contrib27erect1.jpg (31294 bytes)


Small penis size Small penis pictures

Erect - Less than 5.9 inches

Small penis Small penis size pictures
Average penis size

Soft - 3.3 inches

Average penis size Average penis size Normal penis pictures  

Erect - 5.9 inches

Penis size Penis size Penis size  
Big penis size

Soft - More than 3.3 inches

Penis size Penis size Penis size penis

Erect - More than 5.9 inches

Large penis size pictures Penis size Large penis size Huge penis size

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